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Crossley Families of Todmorden

Family Group Record for Reuben CROSSLEY and Margaret MELRYE, OR MYLROIE

Husband: Reuben CROSSLEY Born: in 1842 in Eastwood, Stansfield, Yorkshire, England Baptized: Married: on 16 July 1866 in Todmorden, St Mary, Yorkshire, England Died: in 1905 in Yorkshire West Riding, United Kingdom Buried: His Father: William CROSSLEY His Mother: Susey EASTWOOD or Susan Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Margaret MELRYE, OR MYLROIE Born: about 1848 in Lonan, Isle of Man Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Father: Her Mother: Notes Descendants
1 Dau: Eva Hannah CROSSLEY Born: in 1867 in Manchester, Lancashire, England Baptized: on 28 April 1867 in Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire Died: in 1868 in Manchester, United Kingdom Buried: Notes Pedigree
2 Son: William Thomas CROSSLEY Born: in 1869 in Manchester, Lancashire, England Baptized: on 26 Aug. 1869 in Manchester, Lancashire, England Died: Buried: Notes Pedigree
3 Son: Frank CROSSLEY Born: in 1872 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Baptized: Died: Buried: Notes Pedigree
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