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Family History Research

I offer assistance with family history research, both the actual investigations, and/or drawing of custom charts. There are two common research goals:

1. To identify related people of one surname; trace a family back to a distant ancestor, then add details of descendants, generally restricted to those of the same surname, else the number of people is liable to become too large.

2. To identify all direct-line ancestors of a person. This task is usually more time-consuming than tracing descendants since generations are more likely to be resident in different locations, and each family has their own naming patterns, which often need to be studied in order to establish the correct lineage.

It is usually relatively straightforward to trace back to the mid/late 1700s, at least in England; Scottish records are more variable in extent and date.

Beside the investigations, I can also draw relationship charts (supplied in PDF format), enabling complete customisation of layout and content, free of the restrictions when using commercial software or genealogy websites.

Here are two examples:

Typical ancestor chart - 5 generations, back to the 32 great-great-great grandparents

Prices: £30 if the information is supplied, £150 if the information needs to be researched

Typical descendant chart

Prices: £30 if the information is supplied, for up to 60 people, £120 if the information needs to be researched, with a proportionate increase for more people.

For more information send an e-mail to John Crossley at .